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Filters can be used to show conflicting, duplicate and unique parameters as well as identify naming issues in parameter names for both shared parameter files. Element ID — The Revit ID of the dimension Host View — Which view the dimension is located on Segments — List how many dimension lines are of the same value Actual Value — The original value of the dimension Replace with Text Value — Shows the text value used to replace dimension if configured Text Above — Shows text above if configured for the dimension string Text Below — Shows text below if configured for the dimension string Text Left — Shows prefix text if configured for the dimension string Text Right — Shows Suffix text if configured for the dimension string. For other Blue Manager Suite versions please click below: It also prevents the importing of parameters from the source file that are in conflict with existing parameters in the destination file.

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I recommend downloading a manual because what you've asked is vastly explained in the PDF file.

BIM Manager Suite | CTC Software

The file contains all the necessary information about the Profiling section and how it works. This add-in assists with locating and managing CAD objects within a Revit model.

The Pain Point This is a collection ,anager utilities to assist with otherwise tedious tasks such as cleaning backup files out of your family library, comparing and merging shared parameter files, or identifying the version of a family file with out opening it Revit.

Blue Manager Suite is comprised of the following executables which occupy 5.

Additional filter options can be used to narrow the search results. A list of the programs existing on the PC will appear 6. For instance you can see that for Blue Manager Suite: Pre-Chat Form First name: Return to list Swapping types, and even families, is no longer a time-consuming process when mahager Type Swapper. Project cleaner has 3 tabs which are used to select the views, schedule, sheets and links for removal.

Audio Suite is composed Makes the connection between your PCs Sutie hardware and the operating system. This will remove all items selected on all tabs. Safety rating in the lower left corner.

Blueback Toolbox suite includes the Further information about Blue Manager Suite can be found at http: Additional info about iAnywhere Solutions can be seen here. The Pain Point Making changes to family files is a time consuming manual process.

Blue Manager Suite

Return to list Schedule Parameter Resolver makes it fast and easy to synchronize multiple schedules with the right parameter information by changing the parameter definitions in the schedule to match the parameters used in families within the project, without losing the schedule blur. While the tool does not merge all the revision cloud schedules, the revision cloud information will be removed from the sheets.

site This product will work in Revit,and Discover the simplicity of identifying and deleting duplicates. Shared parameter files are specially-formatted text files that define the names and data types for special parameters that are used in Revit.

Sony Ericsson PC Suite 6. Contact a CTC sales representative. Once added, entered parameters will be added to the Shared Parameter file. Oxygen Phone Manager empowers all Nokia owners with a unique combination of features to manage the c A confirmation page will appear. Details regarding the app you are about to uninstall, by pressing the Properties button.

Blue Manager Suite's main file takes about 1.

For each file, the following information displayed:. This is a collection of utilities managsr assist with otherwise tedious tasks such as cleaning backup files out of your family library, comparing and merging shared parameter files, or identifying the version of a family file with out opening it Revit.

Easily re-organize shared parameters via drag and drop, both within a single shared parameter file or between two files. After you select Blue Manager Suite in the list of apps, some information regarding the program is shown to you:

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