Cod waw custom zombie maps

Moderator actions are not influenced, encouraged, or condoned by Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, or Activision. I would love to know the download link. Experimenting was done here and players need to survive the horrors of what these experiments were.

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I love the random Richtofen Head inside a toilet.

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. The camp was under Nazi control.

Last edited by Xperience ; Aug 29, 8: We try to get out of the Open Beta as fast as possible but we believe it will take up to two weeks before we can do that.

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It is pretty difficult to play but once you get the hang zojbie it you will love it! No reason for you to be a jerk about how many subs he has.

Awakening Battle the undead while you try to escape old facility in wastelands. Or take a look at our forum for more maps, including work in progress and beta maps: Okami Foxyhead never said he had a lot of subs. Simply head over to https: You can also share beta links, once we move out we simply zomibe the links to the correct site Before we zomhie into the major changes, let's talk about you and your privacy first!

Originally posted by Wilburt the Worm:. It was a long and stressfull journy and we are happy to finally share this project with everyone.

Playing with friends is even crazier.

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I recommend this map to everyone. Discussion Best waw custom maps? I really like it atmosphere and it seems like something that woukd be official, hey maybe Blundell made a fake account!

Last maaps by Xperience ; Aug 16, 1: Looking to finish what I started Dont download all at the same time Im lagging soo much XD. Have any ideas for a post you would want next? Half these maps Norton syas they are viruses Ik there not but how do I fix this?

✮ Best Custom Zombies Map Downloads :: World at War: Custom Zombies

This map is pretty cool, it is just fun to pop into every now and then. This map is pretty good aside from the raining zojbie.

I would recommend this to the causal players or those who just want to chill with friends. Heya, its Storm here and today I am talking about my tip ten favorite Call of duty world at war custom maps.

Clinic Of Evil One of the most detailed custom maps released to-date! Please combine your comments instead of commenting multiple times in a row. Super Mario 64 should be on here. Moderators will remove any Submission deemed to be detrimental to the Subreddit.

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