Cfa level 2 notes

For all my future CFA 'ers EOC and blue box questions definitely help. Best Modeling Courses - Finance Training. Vignette-style questions are significantly more time consuming than Level I style questions.

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Mar 4, - 1: I made that mistake in Level II myself and paid the price.

I think I would probably pass if I took it today. Feb 15, - 3: It's not that the material is hard or difficult to understand. For L1 and L2 I never did any kind of schweser books, classes etc, just bought the practice tests.

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I am going to take the CFA test leel weekend and have a few questions not sure whom to ask Here's the short story of my background. How much harder is it than level 1? Like Dibbs said, all of the L2 material builds on the L1 material.

For those of you looking to make sure your CV Is it really as painful even if you have a finance back ground? Will L2 simply ask for the name of a method to calculate market concentration or will they go deeper and ask you to calculate the Herfindahl Index?

Schweser cfw fine for me on L2.

Python Blue Boxes Script All levels: Make sure you can answer all the 'blue box' questions. I've reviewed the material twice, except deriv which I'm doing now and quant.

I took L2 last summer. Private Equity Interview Questions. Mar 8, - Probably more than hours, depends on how smart you are.

CFA Level II exam: study notes enough - Schweser the best option?

You can view results here. What if you don't want any of those jobs? You can read the full article here. This just made me realize how little i remember from Level 2 after only a year. I want the lvl 3 schweser pdfs. Please pardon my relative absence from the boards in the meantime. With good exam technique, a solid plan and the requisite dedication and work ethic this exam is crushable!

Many candidates assume the same routine that worked for them in Level I, not knowing they need to double their efforts. You won't need a prep course.

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I figure a good goal would be an average of 50 hours of study time a month, with more before ntes exam, hopefully I can hit hours. If you crammed for L1 you will most likely have to relearn a lot of the material. Monash Area Oakleigh East. I'd like to know if L2 contains material from L1?

With L2, you know that all questions have an answer based on formulas given. One thing I will say about the Qbank is that it is not useless by any stretch of the imagination.

You seem to be pretty on top of stuff so maybe it would take you about this much time too, but just don't let anyone tell you that you can "get ffa doing a certain amount of hours

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