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Behind the Screen" documentary Google: Be sure to complete that tutorial before attempting this one. Congratulations to October's Adult Inventor!

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Winners will be announced in November.

App of the Month Winners | Explore MIT App Inventor

His app makes the complex field of cryptocurrency slightly less daunting. Dimitrios, a lawyer from Greece, created this app to encourage his daughter to hone her math skills via a fun phone app. Bailey dreams of designing video games as a career, but for now, he sticks to App Inventor and completing high school. Iinventor to August's Teen Inventors! Mihail, a student in Ukraine, programs as a hobby.

Ria, Harini, and Eesha from the USA joined forces for the Technovation Challenge to make a mobile app designed to help individuals with autism improve their social interaction skills and reduce anxiety in times of stress.

He based it off an existing game, The Witness. In fact, App Inventors in school and outside of traditional educational settings have come together and done just that: Congratulations to the June youth winners! Teddy, an IT teacher from Denmark, regularly submits apps that he makes to introduce his students to the flexibility and power of programming. He is currently studying programming, and is interested in learning via practical approaches.

Congratulations to July's Young Inventor! Congratulations to the May adult winners! He built this as part of the Destination Imagination program. Pavel is an engineer-in-training in the USA who loves sports and math.

Part 2 extends the project to draw dots of different sizes, as an introduction to global variables. This allows people to store data on Google's firebase. MIT Inventot Inventor goes beyond this to provide real empowerment for kids to make a difference -- a way to achieve social impact of immeasurable value to their communities.

App Inventor for Android

Now pursuing a master's degree in education, he built this app for students he is working with in a secondary school. Congratulations to September's Young Inventor! Her app uses the phone sensors to count jumprope times, number of steps, and invdntor time. Retrieved from " https: Clicker Heroes is a simple, fun game inspired by the popular website of the invenror name.

Hy, a high school junior in the USA, specializes in randomized number-based games.

Tutorials for App Inventor | Explore MIT App Inventor

He describes himself as a geek who invwntor full of ideas and has too many hobbies. He describes himself simply as someone who loves to code, and his app is a recreation of the classic Nokia Snake game. As such, it is part of an ongoing movement in computers and education that began with the work of Seymour Papert and the MIT Logo Group in the s and has also manifested itself with Mitchel Apl 's work on Lego Mindstorms and StarLogo.

But now the real fun begins: They are now close friends who want to close the CS gender gap! Skip to main content. This introductory module will guide you through building a Magic 8 Ball app with App Inventor 2.

He is making a good start with his note taking app. Make it do tricks!

He enjoys Bridge, but, like many others, dislikes keeping paper score sheets, so he built this app to help others in his situation. Blocks-based coding programs inspire intellectual and creative empowerment.

He was inspired to build this firefighting game in honor of his grandfather, who is a fireman.

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