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The ordinary General Public License therefore permits such linking only if the entire combination fits its criteria of freedom.

If a newer version than version 2 of the ordinary GNU General Public License has appeared, then you can specify that version instead if you wish. Brandon Getty began writing professionally inwith columns appearing in "Thrasher" magazine. If you wish to incorporate parts of the Library into other free programs whose distribution conditions are incompatible with these, write to the author to ask for permission.

Notwithstanding what is stated in this Section 3 gyou may transfer the SOFTWARE and accompanying written materials on a permanent basis provided embeddsd you retain no copies and the recipient agrees to the terms of this Agreement. These disadvantages are the reason we use the ordinary General Public License for many libraries.

And you must show them these terms so they know their rights. For example, a function in a library to compute square roots has a purpose that is entirely well-defined independent of the application. However, the Lesser license provides advantages in certain special circumstances. To achieve this, non-free programs must be allowed to use the library.

The Axis Media Control plugin is a great addition to your Internet Explorer browser as it allows you to stream various types of media within a browser window. In other cases, permission to use a particular library in non-free programs enables a greater number of people to use a large body of free software.

Embeddwd update go to camera site and hit F12 to bring up Developers tools. Also, you must do one of these things:.

Highlight the name of the plugin to configure its options. Skip to main content.

AXIS Media Control (AMC) | Axis Communications

For example, if a patent license would not permit royalty-free redistribution of the Library by all those who receive copies directly or indirectly through you, then the only way you could satisfy both it and this License would be to refrain entirely from distribution of the Library. This Agreement is effective meria terminated.

Subscribe to e-news Login. The former contains code derived from the library, whereas the latter must be combined with the library in order to run.

AXIS Media Control (AMC)

IE11 goes back to default when either the viewing window or developer tools is closed. How satisfied are you with this reply? However, nothing else grants you permission to modify or distribute the Library or embeddrd derivative works.

Pay close attention to the difference between a "work based on the library" and a "work that uses the library".

Downloads Developers System design tools. Your rights under this License will terminate automatically without notice from Axis if you fail to comply with any term s of this License.

If the Library does not specify a license version number, you may choose any version ever published by the Free Software Foundation.

AXIS Media Control Embedded by Axis Communications - Should I Remove It?

Therefore, we insist that any patent license obtained for a version of the library must be consistent with the full freedom of use specified in this license. Open a new browser axi. Any executables containing that work also fall under Section 6, whether or not they are linked directly with the Library itself.

It seems to happily stream as long as the developer tools stay open. This License Agreement applies to any software library or other program which contains a notice placed by the copyright holder or other authorized party saying it may be distributed under the terms of this Lesser General Public License also called "this License".

Press Azis Career Contact us. Any attempt otherwise to copy, modify, sublicense, link with, or distribute the Library is void, and will automatically terminate your rights under this License.

Depending on the video and audio formats supported by your product, vontrol license terms apply. However, additional licenses may be obtained from Axis.

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