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The second step was then to create an expert panel which included a radiation oncologist, a pediatric oncologist, and a data coordinator with extensive knowledge in ICD-9 coding KG, SRR, LL. The table shows the date the new code became effective and its previously assigned code equivalent. In the meantime, we will be developing tools and educational resources to help with the transition. This becomes even more important when considering a very specific area of research, such as the treatment of cancer and its late outcomes.

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By our accounts this is the first reclassification of the ICD-9 codes into new diagnostic groupings that are more useful for the clinical researcher. All the codes in ICD-9 are accounted for and have been placed into specific categories.

As part of the Addenda for ICDCM, an expansion has been made changing the three digit code to a category, with two new codes added: These databases have coes used for epidemiological studies.

ICD-9 codes were re-classified by group consensus into categories that are designed for oncology survivorship research.

The New ICDCM Codes for FY | Journal of AHIMA

Enter Email Address What's this? Moreover, this new classification system is ideal for oncology-specific outcomes and can therefore be used by all researchers in the study of cancer treatment and survivorship. McBride helped design the study, is the primary investigator of the CAYACS project which helped fund this study, and helped draft the manuscript.

Subsequently, many groups have made attempts to create their own classification systems to compile quantitative data about various diseases within different population groups. An inconclusive mammogram should now be reported with code The first attempt to classify disease systematically has been attributed to Francois Bossier de Lacroix, —better known as Sauvages [ 1 ] in his treatise Nosologia Methodicawritten in the 18th century.

Reclassification of ICD-9 Codes into Meaningful Categories for Oncology Survivorship Research

A person viewing it online may make one printout of the code and may use that printout only for his or her personal, non-commercial reference.

Use these codes instead: The new code for colic, A strength of this study is that consensus was easily achieved for all ICD-9 codes between the 3 members of the panel.

The changes take effect October 1.

This year, new codes will allow for better tracking of the incidence of conditions and the outcomes of their treatment. There has been recent interest in the use of these hospital administrative databases to help answer epidemiological hypotheses. Get your new ICD-9 book and make the necessary updates to your billing systems and superbills codez Oct.

The International Classification of Disease, ninth revision ICD-9 is designed to code disease into categories which are placed into administrative databases. If you downloaded the previous document you will need to download this updated document. Care provided to infants who exhibit symptoms of a life-threatening event such as cyanosis and apnea without an identified cause can now be tracked with code cores Watch FPM for updates.

Administrative databases provide a quick and efficient method of eliciting clinical information regarding hospitalization, as compared to the historically used gold standard of chart review. Therefore, a reclassification of ICD-9 coding was needed that was specific for all cancer survivorship issues. Read the full article.

ICD-9 2010: New and Noteworthy Codes

ixd A conversion table for diagnostic and procedural code changes between is provided to assist users in data retrieval. If the provider has documented the specific organism or type of pneumonia e. This becomes even more important when considering a very specific area of research, such as the treatment of cancer and its late outcomes.

For instance, within the cardiovascular system it is important to distinguish hypertension, myocardial infarction, arrhythmias, valvular disease and cardiomyopathy from each other, as each subcategory would likely have differing attributable factors and risks. Codes for other gastrointestinal problems and complications have been added for use with patients of ics age: This study has therefore reclassified the ICD-9 codes into categories which are useful to those involved in oncology research using administrative databases.

For a clinical researcher who is interested in all infections in a codrs of individuals with a specific health condition, the ICD-9 code groupings are not suited for this type of research. Consensus was achieved for the categories to go from the 17 categories in ICD-9 to 39 categories.

The categories decided upon by the panel are shown in Table 1. However, group consensus was achieved for all the reclassification choices. This reclassification system can be used by all groups looking at causes of hospitalization in those diagnosed with cancer, whether these patients are on active treatment or are in posttherapy surveillance as long-term survivors.

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