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I cannot post it here. I AM making an assumption you're talking about agent and call center performance and not network performance. It's a copyright issue.

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Siemens markets the HiPath Real-Time IP System for global Fortune customers, large distributed multinational enterprises and mid to large complex contact centers. It can absolutely be used without the Manager. Anyway, don't worry about the distribution. PM can be used either via Assistant or the Manager - but not both simultaneously, due to limitations of the Collecting Agent.

It will be appreciated. In addition to a range of basic voice mail features supported such as store-and-forward messaging, telephone answering and call routing, PhoneMail supports ACD and IVR devices along with the following functionality:. The solution enables those devices to be used as the office phone while on or off-campus by extending the voice features of the Siemens platform to mobile users.

The system's modular software allows customers to purchase software licenses, not additional hardware, when adding applications.

Siemens HiPath

Targeted for medium-to-large enterprise customers and contact centers, the HiPath models can support maximum TDM station capacities of 2, 12, and 30, stations per single system respectively, and up tostations in a network configuration using Siemens CorNet or CorNet IP technology.

It's a copyright issue. The system can operate in traditional TDM and distributed IP-based environments, or a mix of both, but is optimized for enterprise IP networks. They are both "pps" files, which you open in PowerPoint.

At the host location, should the IP manzger become congested or fail, the automatic overflow of signaling to analog modem-connected public switched telephone network PSTN lines is available. No relations with ProCentre on the system at this point. I will remove the files after receiving it.

The bottom figure shows the voice traffic path when the IP network failure occurs at the remote site. Optional backup main processors, power redundancy hipatg main and distributed shelves.

The maximum number of PhoneMail channels supported by a single HiPath is channels. I think I have it in an E-Mail or written down someplace, but I don't recall them telling me there was an application for it. Key to the optiset's functionality is the ability of end users to add optional voice and data modules to the telephones as required, as well as the phone's OptiGuide mode of operation, which prompts end users with menu settings and operating instructions via the phone display.

Additional software licenses can be purchased electronically from Siemens. HiPath Collecting Agent and HiPath Manager I'm pretty sure all the performance management, stats and reporting are all part of ProCenter and the switch doesn't have anything to do with it. While one HiPath Xpressions server can connect to multiple switches simultaneously, customers with greater capacity can be achieved by networking multiple HiPath Xpressions servers together with no limit on the number of servers that can be networked.

OpenScape - Experts Wiki

Reproduction of this publication in any form without prior written permission is forbidden. For the European market, 0400 list prices above are the same based on the dollar-to-Euro conversion.

Thanks for the help, much appreciated. The top figure shows the voice traffic path when the IP network failure occurs at hipwth host location. It's a full duplex speakerphone that contains a switched Ethernet IP interface and digital ports, as well as dual USB ports. Siemens expects the applications supported by OpenScape, such as presence management, mobility, personal productivity, unified messaging and Web collaboration, to provide the tools for a unified communications UC offering.

They include the following:.

OpenScape 4000

The reader assumes sole responsibility for the selection of these materials to achieve its intended results. It's easy to join and it's free. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

For example, a customer can start with the voice-only configuration and convert to the voice, e-mail and fax-messaging configuration. Hipzth table " Migrating to the HiPath " lists the requirements for migrating existing Hicom systems to the new HiPath But, after you receive the file and verify its worthiness, feel free to post it here yourself.

I AM making an assumption you're talking about agent and call center performance and not network performance.

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