I am all of me crush 40

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More Crush 40 Lyrics. I have always heard it as mystery, and it seems to be pronounced most clearly in the Shadow opening credits.

A very short version is played when the player collects the Invincibility in Shadow the Hedgehog. We do not have any tags for I Am Add your thoughts 13 Comments. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Login with Google Error: Retrieved from " http: Everything seems to be in order Buggiedude.

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I am all of me - In the end, Shadow is whoever he wants to be. All of Me is found on the album The Best of Crush Crush 40 — I Am Sign In Don't have an account? Create an account al SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. User does not exist. All of Me song meanings.

I Am... All of Me

He can be heroic or he will do things for his own benefit, does as he pleases. Walk into my mystery - Shadow trying to remember who he is. One step forward two steps back I'm still here One step forward, two steps back Do it Unleashed a million faces - The immense numbers of the Black Arms.

Walk into my mystery Step inside and hold on for dear life Do you remember me?

I am, I'm all of me Here we go I am I am, I'm all of me I am Login with Facebook Error: People aren't black and white. It was performed by Cruh I am everyone, everywhere Anyhow, anyway, any will, any day I am!

I might seem down or mean, but I'm going to go on. Can you see all of me?

Here we go, buddy - Whoever Shadow's partner is. Shadow the Hedgehog I Am Flag diabetees on April 08, Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

Capture you or set you free - Shadow doesn't remember who his allies are or Shadow trying to figure out if he was crudh for good or evil. General Comment This song, to me, is about figuring out the truth behind yourself, and choosing whether you're going to fight for or against the heroes of our time.

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