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The Pro versions of Reina — with their alternate glyphs, contrasting thick and thin strokes, swashes and flourishes — make this typeface soar. I recently purchased the Slides 2 framework from Designmodo. Elsewhere Reina in use , Reina for Sports Illustrated. An example of what I feel about typography and letters. Switch to English sign up.

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Sproviero's gift of the year. This made me laugh out loud the moment I saw it, simply because of its sheer magnificence!

Breathe Font - Free Fonts Download

Aileeni uploaded this nreathe KAT, its too large to upload here https: Featured in Typefaces of Loganthanks a bunch! I have a fojt for Semplice. Sproviero has demonstrated his love of calligraphy in earlier work, such as Breathe and Parfait Script —but Reina is his most ambitious project yet, boasting 12 separate fonts.

RubyAre you a member of sites like getwsodownload. Hello Anyone have this great fonts Lubaline by Lian Types https: Breathe comes in two styles which have a significant difference as regards to the quantity of glyphs available inside. He is a frequent contributor to Typographica. Fontt a total of more than glyphs, Breathe Pro is Maximiliano R.

At least, Breathe Pro is inspired in the Art of our predecessors, those who with a pen loaded of ink would decorate each letter, each page in such a lovely way.

The aim of the designer was once more to give the user the chance to play and travel from very formal and conservative letterforms to the amazing world of swashes and flourishes. Combine it with the Words and Flourishes components and you have a complete headline kit. Possibilities of alternating and ligating characters in this font are absolutely fantastic.

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If you want to get the most complete style, with over glyphs, including contextual alternates, stylistic alternates, swashes, terminal forms, titling alternates, historical forms, stylistic sets, standard ligatures, stylistic ligatures, decorative ligatures and frames then your choice should be Breathe Pro.

Abusive or off-topic comments are not published. Ricardo Cordoba is a graphic designer based in New York City. You are very talented!

I purchased Breathe Pro from MyFonts, and thought that was one of the best I had ever seen, but this really is an exquisite work of art! Konradthe only font software i know of that is capable of specifying colours is Glyphs.

His interests include book covers and typeface design. We would not have the amazing lettering artists, calligraphers, typographers of nowadays if that -love for letters- had not traveled from generation to generation.

RubyI just prp that picture to Avant Garde Gothic, they are not the same. That is, three optical weights 12, 36, and 72 and an Engraved weight, plus two sets of Words common words found in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, each enclosed in a calligraphic cartouchea set of ornamental Capitals, and a set of Flourishes.

Don't have the accounts you mentioned. With Breathe Pro you prp surely have fun at the same time you are designing and that is not an unimportant thing.

Suryocoming right up.

Breathe for sale

Yes, -lovely- is the word. ChefThanks man you made my life a lot more easier. Click here to cancel reply.

I could do a refund, but that's just not me. Anyone here buys wordpress themes?

I am however going to become a member of getwsodownload.

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