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Pinyin replaced the traditional writing systems of several ethnic minorities in China and has been used to document the previously unwritten languages of many more; a number of nonstandard characters have been devised to facilitate the writing of names transliterated from non-Chinese languages. In addition to tone number and mark, tone color has been suggested as a visual aid for learning. Q qi qia qian qiang qiao qie qin qing qiong qiu qu quan que qun.

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Tongyong Pinyin was pihyin in Taiwan for use in rendering not only Mandarin Chinese, but other languages and dialects spoken on the island such as TaiwaneseHakkaand aboriginal languages. According to some scholars, the beginnings of Pinyin were derived after the Chinese observed the Romaji system and Western learning in Japan.

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Books containing both Chinese characters and pinyin are often used by foreign learners of Chinese; pinyin's role in teaching pronunciation to foreigners and children is similar in some respects to furigana -based books with hiragana pinyih written above or next to kanjidirectly analogous to zhuyin in Japanese or yanyu vocalised texts in Arabic "vocalised Arabic".

National script reform began in with the creation of the National Phonetic Alphabet based on Chinese characters.

The resulting system is very close to pinyinbut does not use English letters in unfamiliar ways; for example, pinyin x is written as sy. Every Mandarin syllable can be spelled with exactly one initial followed by one final, except for the special syllable er or when a trailing -r is considered part of a syllable see below.

Some words sound exactly the same, with pijyin same tone and spelling, but have different meanings.

Other than finals modified by an -rwhich are omitted, the following is an exhaustive table of all possible finals. Pinyin without tone marks is used to spell Chinese names and words in languages written with the Latin alphabetand also in certain computer input methods to enter Chinese characters. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Huizhou Jin Hohhot Pinghua. The 20th century standardization of Chinese transliteration In Chinese languages In Chinese languages: Zhou is often called "the father of pinyin," [1] [17] [18] [19] Zhou worked as a banker in New York when he decided to return to China to help rebuild the country after the establishment of the People's Republic of China in Pinyin, short for Hanyu Pinyin, which means "phonetic notation" or "phonetic symbols" while Pin means "spell ing " and Yin means "sound s "is a system of romanization phonemic notation and transcription to Roman script for Standard Mandarin.

Fact and Fantasy Honolulu: However, much like English, there are some exceptions to how Pinyin looks on the page to how it sounds. X keyboard extension includes a "Hanyu Pinyin altgr " layout for AltGr -triggered dead key input of accented characters. Sincepinyin has been actively used chihese adult pinin as well, making it easier for formerly illiterate people to continue with self-study after a short period of pinyin literacy instruction.

However, this problem is not limited only to pinyin, since many languages that use the Latin alphabet natively also assign different values to the same letters. Views of China's Earliest Script Reformers".

Putian dialect Hinghwa Romanized. Mandarin languagethe most widely spoken form of Chinese. The pinyin chinrse was developed in the s by many linguists, including Zhou Youguang[1] based on earlier form romanizations of Chinese.

When written, accent marks or numbers are often used to denote the tone.

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We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. After switch, many street signs in Taiwan today still display Tongyong Pinyin but some, especially in northern Taiwan, display Hanyu Pinyin. Likewise, if the spelling of a diphthong ends with o or u representing a near-semi-vowel as in ao or outhis letter does not receive a tone marker.

Wenchang dialect Hainanhua Pinyin Fang'an. It superseded older romanization systems such as Wade-Giles ; modified and Postal System Pinyin, and replaced zhuyin as the method of Chinese phonetic instruction in mainland China. Wikipedia articles needing clarification from May Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from March Articles with permanently dead external links CS1 Chinese-language sources zh Articles containing Chinese-language text Use dmy dates from February Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text All articles with failed verification Articles with failed verification from January Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with hAudio microformats Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images CS1 maint: Chinese Pinyin Pinyin, short for Hanyu Pinyin, which means "phonetic notation" or "phonetic symbols" while Pin means "spell ing " and Yin means "sound s "is a system of romanization phonemic notation and transcription to Roman script for Standard Mandarin.

It's [the result of] a long tradition from the later years of the Qing dynasty down to today. China Club More than 50 members! In each cell below, the first line indicates IPA, the second indicates pinyin for a standalone no-initial form, and the third indicates pinyin for a combination with an initial.

Chinese, Cambridge Language Surveys.

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