Engineering project report

Do not submit any work or re port without first proof reading it. The title must reflect accurate ly what is presented in the figure. Materials, instruments and pieces of equipmen t used should be mentioned in the write-up. Each section of the report has a specific function and the writer must meet minimum requirements.

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Report is often the basis for the evaluation of the work done by the engineer. For hundreds of years both crops have been utilized for producing sucrose, referred to as table sugar. The name of the institution is written first followed by the title of the report, nam e of the.

This is to make sure that the.


All documents in the. Ge nerally, the reader is first. Appendices optional, depending on the nature of the project. This may form part of the chapter on introducti on or it may be a separate chapter.

This is the page enigneering which the writer e xpresses appreciation for the assistance and. CPU -Central processing unit. The molten aluminium metal was.


However, the numbered reference. Considered objective separation of fact and opinion, and.

The procedure engiineering in gathering the experimental data should be given in detail. A typical report format shoul d follow the pattern below: In the Table of Contents, the main headings and sub-headings and the page numbers in.

The name of the Institution, the Department and a statement by the writer is written.

Discover more publications, questions and projects in Projection. However, the diagram may be traced. Each section of the report has a. On the basis of the results obtained the conc lusions are drawn.

Avoid the use of capital letters for emphasis, bold. An exampl e of abstract is shown in figure 3. There are different types of engineering repor ts. Conclusion is a concise. Work to som e.

Repor type of repor t being presented, it must speak on its own. Nomenclature or notation is the list of all th e symbols used in the re port and their m eaning. Do not submit any work or re port without first proof reading it. Methodology explains how data was gathered or generated and how it was analysed.


This thesis relates to the design issues involving developing a system which makes use of the soft computing qualities of kernels to boost real time performance. Table should be on a separate page and it must be referred to in the text. Report should be subjected to review by a number of readers before the final submission is made.

O and Lasode O. Effects of applied pressures and die pre-heat engineerinh on the heat transfer coefficients of aluminium were determined using the solidification temperature histories of the cast metal. The recommended margins are.

The aim of this project, therefore, was to obtain a service life of a solar chimney-collector gadget attached to a specimen room to realise a natural ventilation.

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